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Lamborghini’s 100th Birthday Celebration To Be Held At Tustin’s Marconi Auto Museum August 28 As A Fundraiser For “Motel Kids”

(Exotic Sports Cars To Be On Display At Charity Fundraiser For Caterina’s Club)

The world tour celebrating the 100th birthday of the late founder of Lamborghini sports cars will make its first pit stop in the U.S. at the Marconi Automotive Museum (1302 Industrial Drive, Tustin) in the form of a fundraiser to help feed and house Southern California’s “motel kids.” Tickets for the birthday gala, which will be held on Sunday, August 28, are $ each and can be purchased by visiting ?. Funds will benefit Caterina’s Club, a nonprofit that helps children whose families are forced to live in cramped, crime-ridden motels.

The evening will start at 5 p.m. with a cocktail reception during which guests will view Lamborghinis specially selected for the event along with the rest of owner Dick Marconi’s multi-million dollar car collection. They also will have an opportunity to meet scion Fabio Lamborghini, nephew of the founder who is executive director of the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum in Bologna, Italy.

“Bruno is very well known in Italy for his incredible charitable work so when we decided to embark on a centennial celebration to honor the legacy of the legendary Ferruccio Lamborghini, we wanted to start it here in Orange County and make it a benefit for the children,” said Lamborghini.

Ferrucio Lamborghini was born in Creazzo in the province of Ferrara, Italy in 1916. Before he launched the luxury sports car line that bears his name, he designed and manufactured tractors from reconfigured surplus military machines. He later expanded into other ventures including manufacturing air-conditioning and heating systems. An avid car collector, he was confident that he could improve on the design and manufacture of existing luxury sports cars by starting his own line, which he did in 1963. The company’s logo features a bull, a reference to Ferruccio Lamborghini’s zodiac sign (Taurus) and many Lamborghini models have names relating to bulls or bullfighting. He died in 1993 at the age of 76.

Through Caterina’s Club, Serato feeds some 2,000 children each day. More than 1 million meals have been served so far and the need keeps growing. His influence has extended far beyond the local area to include Chicago, New York, Texas, Mexico and Italy.

He has extended his mission by moving these “motel families” into permanent housing. While many of the families are working and able to pay the monthly rent for their own apartments, they cannot afford the first, last and security deposit required at the onset. He has already helped hundreds of families escape motel living by finding them apartments of their own and their lives have improved considerably.

His newest endeavor is working with the Anaheim School District to establish the Hospitality Program, which seeks to divert high school students from gangs and other bad influences by teaching them about the food, hospitality and service industries. The students receive hands-on experience and even paid internships in these areas so that they can explore careers in the field following graduation.

For his humanitarian work, Serato has earned international publicity including profiles in People Magazine, “CBS Evening News” and newspapers and magazines the world over. Among his many honors is being named a CNN Hero, being knighted by the Italian government, receiving a papal blessing from Pope Francis, getting a humanitarian award on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, being honored by the Good News Foundation and receiving numerous proclamations, Man of the Year awards and other forms of recognition — all of which he accepts to generate public awareness of the needs of our most vulnerable population — our children. For more information, visit

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